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Padlocks which accept Schlage type Key-In-Knob lock cylinders, original or imitation, 5 or 6 pin




Img23.pngPadlocks which accept Sargent and Arrow Key-In-Knob lock cylinders






Padlocks which accept Corbin-Russwin heavy duty Key-In-Knob lock cylinders




Img14.pngPadlocks which accept Yale heavy duty Key-In-Knob lock cylinders




Img15.pngPadlocks which accept Small Format Interchangeable Core cylinders




Img16.pngPadlocks which accept Corbin-Russwin Interchangeable Core 6-Pin cylinders




Img17.pngPadlocks which accept Corbin-Russwin Interchangeable Core 7-Pin cylinders




Img18.pngPadlocks which accept Sargent InterchangeableCore cylinders




Img20.pngPadlocks which accept Schlage Large Format Interchangeable Core cylinders




Img21.pngPadlocks which accept Medeco Interchangeable Core cylinders



New Standard offers more shackle choices

shackle length3.jpg

Three materials:    Hardened Steel

                               Stainless Steel



Nine shackle lengths:  1 1/4"  Standard

7/8", 2", 3", 4", 5", 6", 8" & 12" optional clearances*

* 8" & 12" available in Stainless Steel only














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